The Hidden You –

In his debut book, John Slone teaches readers about discovering one’s Hidden You and using it to become the best leader possible.  Before you can successfully lead others, you must first discover both the physiological and psychological attributes that make you, you.  Every leader needs a systematic approach to successfully lead while taking into consideration the complexities of human behavior and the innate survival instincts that are consciously and subconsciously invoked in every human interaction.  Only by understanding this can you begin your leadership evolution and embark on a journey toward leadership transcendence.

Ridgeline Coaching is excited to be partnering with John to bring you a workshop that will reinforce and teach the principles in the book and get you started on creating YOUR plan for your own evolution.  More on the workshop coming soon.

The Hidden You

Learn more about The Hidden You and order your book now.

Communication Workshop –

In this workshop, teams learn communication styles and how to better understand and flex to styles of their leader, other team members and their customers.  Teams will work together to understand each style, practice hearing other styles and learning to flex to better meet the needs of their listener.  Interactive and insightful, teams leave with practical things to do to be better at communication.

Leadership Powerlab Workshop

A powerful values sorting workshop that provides a team building opportunity.  After the workshop  each person on the team  will know and understand the steps to take to immediately improve their personal leadership effectiveness. Leaders will be aware of the strongest motivators for their teams and be better able to lead with confidence a team that feels understood and appreciated.

​What you get:

  • ​An on-site workshop
  • Each participant gets to keep a deck of values cards


  • ​Team Building
  • Leaders get powerful insight into team motivation
  • Each participant gets insights on what is important to them and others