Creating a high functioning team takes work.  Sometimes things get a bit out of alignment and you need to re-focus on people in order to get the results and environment you want at work.

Natural Behavior Team Assessment

Interested in knowing the natural hard wired behavioral traits of everyone on the team?  This powerful 1/2 day session helps people truly understand their own natural behaviors and those of their teammates.  This powerful session gives teams a common language to work from and some key “aha” moments about the way they work together..

What you get:

  • Natural Behavior assessment administered 
  • One on one debrief on assessment results with each team member
  • 4 hour team debrief session where everyone on the team gets together to review results and make plans for using this information going forward


  • Gain clarity on your strengths and opportunities based on your team results
  • Gain powerful language to describe your styles and to understand your team
  • An action plan to start building the team you want