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Coaching Services

Do you know what is getting in the way of what you want? Are you a high performer that feels stuck getting to the next level? Working with a professional coach you will be better able to see the obstacles in the path of getting what you truly want. A coach will partner with you to make a plan to get past those obstacles and reach the goals you set. Coaching is a process where you, the client, get the full attention of the coach. The coach holds space for you to see what is getting in the way of reaching your goals. In that space, you begin to form a plan for getting more of what you want. A coach will help to hold you accountable to agreed on action plans and explore what went wrong if the action wasn’t taken. Top athletes and executives know the power of working with a coach, now you can too – get started now.

Learn About Energy Leadership

What differences could you see with your team and your overall productivity if you were able to master your energy under stress and choose a response rather than just reacting? What if you could recognize the behaviors of lower energy levels in others and lead them to better choices as well?


Do you have a meeting or event coming up and you need a speaker?  Contact Nikki today to discuss your topic and how she might be able to help you.  Nikki has done talks on Energy Leadership for WICT and on technology careers for WIT’s Girls Get IT program.  She would be happy to discuss your needs and other topics that she can cover for your event.

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