I also believe that we should work to take care of employees as a number one priority, so they can better take care of each other and their customers.

As a coach, I help leaders and teams identify strengths, see what is getting in their way of having the success they want and create actionable plans to get more of what they want.  Teams that work with me and embrace the process are more connected, aware of their strengths and become more productive and engaged in the work they do together.

Meet Nikki, Team and Leadership Coach

Hi,  Thanks for your visit.  I’m Nikki.  I believe that work should be a place where we can thrive.  We spend so many of our waking hours with our coworkers and at work.  I think we should get to be our best, authentic selves, be engaged in the work we are doing and appreciated for it.

I don’t believe that making work a better place takes away from getting results and being accountable.  I don’t think it needs to take a huge amount of effort to get a better environment, but it does take clarity, attention and intention.

I have built lasting relationships based on some very simple principles; be optimistic, curious, appreciative and most of all human. One-on-one coaching and advising evolved naturally from my corporate work and from working directly with leaders and teams who were seeking to increase their overall well-being, performance and ultimately claim what they truly desired.

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified professional coach and am certified in several corporate and individual assessment tools including OMG’s world-class Sales Leadership Evaluation; Everything DiSCâ; Energy Leadership Indexä and Yale University’s Science of Well-Being. I’m an Honors graduate from Northwood University and continue to invest in on-going personal development and learning.

When I’m not working, I’m a world-wide intrepid traveler that is always curious as to what is around the next corner, a lover of good food and the art of entertaining, and dedicated to a world that works for everyone through my service as a Board of Director Member for both the non-profit Kaleidoscope Child Foundation and the professional organization of the  International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Georgia Chapter.


Meet Jennifer, Leadership Development and Performance Coach

Hi, I’m Jennifer.  I am driven by my natural curiosity of what is possible for each and every individual. Drawing upon my 30-year corporate career where I held roles as diverse as senior sales and services executive, national field trainer, company founder and tech company start-up warrior, I know people and what drives excellence.  

I have worked with a wide variety of global corporations and organizations to advise and train leadership and employees on how to boost performance and maximize results. Speaking, consulting, training, coaching and leading teams and audiences from 500 to 5 has been my passion and continues to feed my soul.