Leadership Programs



Getting A Great Team Starts With A Great Leader

Ridgeline offers lots of great programs to help your team be more engaged, productive, and adaptable to change.  In order for those programs to work well, we must start by working with the leader.  We will help you get clarity on where your team is and what is needed for your goals and then customize the right program for your particular situation.

Ready to Go?

You are ready to move up to the next level, take on more responsibility and lead more people, but you just can’t quite pinpoint what you need to do to get noticed.

Congratulations!  You have gotten that promotion, new job, or new assignment.  You want to start off well with the new team.

Nikki is a phenomenal coach in every way! She listens intently, dances in the moment, offers grace, and pushes to the next level. Our coaching gave me the courage to increase my salary and increase my assistant’s hours so I can continue to add capacity to my business. Also, I navigated a personal tragedy with more peace than I thought possible.  If you have a sticky problem that you can’t seem to make sense of or aren’t sure how to proceed, Nikki can help get you there!


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