As part of the Leadership Clarity program you will be coached on how to:

  • Recognize your talents
  • Recognize your struggles
  • Identify your goal
  • Identify what is standing in the way of your goal
  • Identify champions and challengers
  • Create a plan for getting where you want to go

Leadership is a journey and doesn’t require a title.  Own your career path and advancement and get more of what you want.

What you get:

  • ​Powerful, scientifically validated assessment administered to help you understand where your strengths and struggles will be
  • One on one coaching program customized to gaining clarity on what is holding you back and your needs as a leader
  • Optional:  360 discussion with your current leader or team to deepen insights


  • Gain clarity on your strengths and opportunities
  • Gain powerful language to describe your styles and to understand your leaders/organization
  • An action plan to start communicating with more intention to get more of what you want