Are you a high performer that feels stuck getting to the next level? Working with Nikki, a professional coach, you will be better able to see the obstacles in the path of getting what you truly want. She will partner with you to make a plan to get past those obstacles and reach the goals you set. Coaching is a process where you, the client, get the full attention of the coach. Nikki holds space for you to see what is getting in the way of reaching your goals. In that space, you begin to form a plan for getting more of what you want. She will help to hold you accountable to agreed on action plans and explore what went wrong if the action wasn’t taken. Top athletes and executives know the power of working with a coach, now you can too – get started now.

Gain Clarity

Work with Nikki to get clarity on your strengths and how you want to use them.  We’ll create a custom program just for your situation.  You’ll get a new perspective on what has you “stuck” and will build an action plan to get what you want instead.

Coaching Services Include

Assessing your:

  • Natural Behavior
  • Communication Style
  • Energy Levels


  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Strategy and action plan to get more of what you want

Nikki is a phenomenal coach in every way! She listens intently, dances in the moment, offers grace, and pushes to the next level. Our coaching gave me the courage to increase my salary and increase my assistant’s hours so I can continue to add capacity to my business. Also, I navigated a personal tragedy with more peace than I thought possible.  If you have a sticky problem that you can’t seem to make sense of or aren’t sure how to proceed, Nikki can help get you there!


Business Owner