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In his debut book, John Slone teaches readers about discovering one’s Hidden You and using it to become the best leader possible.  Before you can successfully lead others, you must first discover both the physiological and psychological attributes that make you, you.  Every leader needs a systematic approach to successfully lead while taking into consideration the complexities of human behavior and the innate survival instincts that are consciously and subconsciously invoked in every human interaction.  Only by understanding this can you begin your leadership evolution and embark on a journey toward leadership transcendence.

Ridgeline Coaching is excited to be partnering with John to bring you a workshop that will reinforce and teach the principles in the book and get you started on creating YOUR plan for your own evolution.  More on the workshop coming soon.


The Hidden You

Learn more about The Hidden You and order your book now.

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Book Briefs: A “Bookclub” for “Non-Readers” and Busy Professionals

Are you interested in reading and discussing leadership books, but don’t have time to organize and find people?  Maybe you don’t even have time to READ the book.  Well, here is a book club for you.  You are invited to join my book club for busy professionals.  I’ll read leadership books, and I invite you to read them with me, but if you don’t have time, no problem.  We will have a book discussion each month.  In the first 30 minutes, I’ll give my summary of the top ideas from the book and invite others who have been able to read it to help me summarize, then we open the discussion to the ideas in the book and talk about how to make them practical in our environments.  I’ll moderate the discussion and help coach the group through ideas for putting the book’s key points into action in your real world.  I’ll record the sessions so if you are too busy to join us on discussion day – you can still get the benefit of the discussion.  Interested in joining?  We’d love to have you.  Sign up below and I’ll get you the details.

Book Club Sign Up

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