Do you know what is getting in the way of what you want?  Working with a professional coach you will be better able to see the obstacles in the path of getting what you truly want.  A coach will partner with you to make a plan to get past those obstacles and reach the goals you set.  Coaching is a process where you, the client, get the full attention of the coach.  The coach holds space for you to see what is getting in the way of reaching your goals.  In that space, you begin to form a plan for getting more of what you want.  A coach will help to hold you accountable to agreed on action plans and explore what went wrong if the action wasn’t taken.  Ridgeline Coaching will customize a program specifically for you.  Below are some of the components that can be added to your customized plan.


Ridgeline’s coach understands technical environments and the way that leading technical professionals differs from leading other teams.  Skilled technical workers have certain expectations and norms that they expect leaders to understand and honor.  Business teams have different expectations.  You as a technical leader need to understand all those expectations and the very best technical leaders do.  Top athletes and executives know the power of working with a coach, now you can too – get started now – choose from the services below or work with Nikki to create a custom plan just for you.


Coaching Packages

Ridgeline Coaching will customize a package for your needs.  Popular packages are described below and components of these packages can be mixed and matched according to your desired outcomes.

Coming in 2018 – Start Your Leadership Evolution Workshop – based on John Slone’s book THE HIDDEN YOU AND YOUR LEADERSHIP EVOLUTION

In this workshop you will deepen your learning on the topics in John’s book as well as start mapping out your leadership evolution plan. Stay tuned for more details.

When was the last time you got to talk about yourself for a full hour with no change of topic back to your conversation partner, no one cuting in to commiserate or “one up” your story? In each coaching session you get a dedicated, active listener, skilled at hearing between the lines, helping you see things from a new perspectvie and create solid plans to get more of what you really want.

What you get:

  • Initial goal setting and dedicated coaching hours to work with you on your goal
  • Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief
  • Customized number of sessions in order to meet your needs and schedule


  • Helping you to become conscious of how your default tendencies have guided your decisions and actions and driven your business’s success (or lack there of)
  • Tap into the Energy of Success which enables amazing accomplishments, allows you to lead thru inspiration and motivation, and creates opportunities and solutions consistently
  • Create an action plan to get more of what you want
  • Work that plan with support of a coach

A powerful values sorting workshop that provides a team building opportunity.  After the workshop  each person on the team  will know and understand the steps to take to immediately improve their personal leadership effectiveness. Leaders will be aware of the strongest motivators for their teams and be better able to lead with confidence a team that feels understood and appreciated.

What you get:

  • An on-site workshop 
  • Each participant gets to keep a deck of values cards


  • Team Building
  • Leaders get powerful insight into team motivation
  • Each participant gets insights on what is important to them and others


360 Assessment Debrief and Coaching

I work with leaders to understand the results of 360 assessments whether they were administered already at your company and you are stuck about how to move forward or whether you would like me to administer a 360 for you and work with you on implementing changes you would like to see for yourself or a team member.

What you get:

  • 360 assessment administered (if needed)
  • Debrief on 360 assessment results
  • Personalized coaching on addressing the areas you are most concerned about
  • Support building and being accountable to action plan
  • Coaching around changes you would like to make and obstacles you face in making them
  • Energy Leadership Assessment is an optional add on to this service


  • Gain clarity on your strengths and opportunities based on the feedback you received
  • Gain insight on your energetic profile and how to choose more powerful responses to stress
  • An action plan to get more of what you want

Energy Leadership Team Assessment


Interested in doing Energy Leadership Assessments for your whole team?  We can do custom packages to enable everyone on your team to complete an assessment and you can get a debrief as a team.  If you prefer, we can do individual debriefs in addition to a group debrief.

What you get: 

  • Energy Leadership Assessment to determine and explore the combined energetic profile of your whole team
  • Group debrief reviewing the principles of energy leadership and explaining the team’s energy defaults under stress
  • Tips for moving out of stress and into more productive action


  • Common team language around energy leadership
  • Common team experience that help build teams
  • Gain insight on your team energetic profile and how to choose more powerful responses to stress

Communication is key to success in business and life.  By learning about your communication style preferences as well as how to adapt to others, you can become better at communicating with people.  A communication style package will be customized for you so that you can understand each communication style type and adjust your style to better match another.

What you get:

  • Communication DNA Assessment
  • Communication DNA Premium report and debrief
  • Comparison report for you and another person that you identify to take the assessment
  • Team package – Comparison report for your team
  • Team package – debrief with team on styles and about team preferences


  • Awareness of your communication style
  • Way to recognize and ask for different information when you aren’t getting what you need
  • Tips for adjusting communication style for other preferences