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Ask A Coach Q4: Concerns Silenced

Q: "In my current role, I'm not allowed to speak directly to my customer about the project I'm working on for them. All communication with the customer is managed by a project leader. From the directives and responses we receive back from the customer, it's clear that...

Ask A Coach Q3: Encouraging Participation

Q:  I have a team that has volunteered to do a project with me.  They have agreed to do the work on the project and understand that completing the project will be of benefit to them in terms of their growth and potential future opportunities.  Even though they have...

Ask A Coach Q2: Bad Role Model

  Welcome to Ask A Coach.  Please add your comments below and suggestions for another post - or post your own question. Today's Question is about having bad role models: Q: How do I grow my leadership skills when I don't have a good role model in my leader?  My...

Ask A Coach Q1: Frustrated Coworker

Welcome to the first post in the Ask a Coach series.  Today's question is about how to handle a frustrated coworker. Q:  I have a co-worker who is older than I am and seems to be having trouble taking direction from me because I am younger.  He has also recently had...

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