Meet Nikki (Heise) Evans, Leadership Coach

With 20 years of experience in corporate information technology (IT) leadership positions, Nikki (Heise) Evans understands the language and challenges of both business and technology leaders.   She thrives on building connections between leaders at any level and their teams, customers and partners. Creating workplace environments where people enjoy coming to work, are productive and feel like they are making a difference is her passion.  She wants people to have more of what they want in their careers.

Do you feel ….

  • Constantly OVERWHELMED by too much to do and not enough resources?

  • Frustrated that you can’t quite seem to get through to people or have your ideas heard?

  • Stalled in moving up even though you believe you are ready?

  • Under appreciated by your business partners?

  • Stuck in your career and losing your enthusiasm?

Nikki can help you …

  • Pinpoint your strengths and strengthen those areas that are holding you back.
  • Discover the real causes of the stress and overwhelm in your work; and reduce or eliminate the related impact
  • Re-focus your attention, beliefs, and perceptions so that they support your success as opposed to inhibiting it.
  • Shift from focusing on problems and fighting fires; to proactively creating solutions AND having your team do so too.
  • Recreate and envision the ideal image of your role as a leader within the organization
You can expect a confident coach who listens well and can quickly summarize and re-frame your workplace dilemmas so you can:
  • See the immediate “wins” in your world
  • Use your strengths and recognize and draw out strengths of others you work with
  • Discover that which is holding you back the most and make a powerful change
  • Consistently choose how to respond to your environment and get the results you desire.
  • Develop a plan to get you unstuck and get you more of what you want from your career.

​Nikki holds an ACC accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adheres to the ICF code of ethics. She holds a certification from IPEC as a professional coach and is also an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  She is a certified DNA Behavior advisor.  Nikki earned an MBA from Georgia State and a BA in Psychology from the University of Georgia.

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