Q: I’ve just been promoted to lead a new team. How do I help us behave like a team?

A:  Congratulations on your promotion!  You are probably going through a transition now yourself, and your new team is going through the transition too.  I recommend meeting with the team members and getting to know what is working and not working on the team.  Setting up some goals with your team both about results that you want to strive for on the team and the kind of team environment you would like to have.  Clear communication is probably your best tool with a new team.  Clearly communicate expectations.  If you aren’t sure what your expectations are yet, clearly communicate that you don’t have them and are working on it and when you think you might have more information for them, and/or enlist their help to develop expectations for the group.  You don’t have to have all the answers as the leader.  Ask your team for help where you need input to plan for your teams success.  Acknowledge that you are all in transition and that defining the new normal will take some time.  You and your team members will likely be in different phases of dealing with the leadership change.  Clear communication about what you need and expect from your team will go a long way and repeated communication as well.  Just because you have said something once doesn’t mean that everyone was able to hear it or understand it.  Repeatedly communicate about those things that are important to you as a leader and to your team’s success.  Best to you as you grow your new group into a high performing team.

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