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Helping Teams Bounce Back

All teams experience setbacks from time to time.  Whether that is changing leaders, or a change in team members, a disappointing project, or a radical shift in how you need to work.  Teams often stay stuck because they aren’t sure how to bounce back.    If you knew what to do, you would take the right action, but being so close to the challenge and having urgent needs to attend to often puts leaders at a disadvantage.  It can be very hard to see where to start and what adjustments will have the biggest impact.  Our programs help you gain clarity on what stopping you from getting what you want and help you build an action plan to address those needs and get the outcomes you desire.  You can get the team you want and need and have a better experience at work.

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Some Of What We Can Do For You

Ridgeline Coaching can build a custom program for you based on your needs.  Even if those needs are not yet clear, we can set up a discovery phase that will help you get clarity so we know where to focus our work and then move toward the right package customized to meet your needs.


Learn to engage and manage well and your team will love you for it.


Find and fix what’s holding you back from peak potential


Get more of what you want and need through better communication.

Change Management

Help  your team bounce back after transition and change.

From Our Founder

Get More of What You Want

I believe that work should be a place where people can use the best of themselves and be appreciated for it.  We spend so much of our waking hours at an office with our co-workers, why not make that time enjoyable, engaging and productive?  Many people dread having to go to work on Monday morning… or any morning for that matter.  What if some small shifts were all it required to change that feeling to one of excited anticipation for the new day.  I don’t believe that drastic, cumbersome changes are required to have work environments that we can thrive in.  It does take some intentional work, but I would argue it doesn’t take as much time and effort as most assume that it would.  I believe it is that assumption about how hard the change would be that keeps most people from feeling more engaged and satisfied at work.  I help you get clarity on what changes are needed to get you more of what you want.  Are you ready to get more of what YOU want?  

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Sometimes you just need a quick opinion on your situation.  Stumped about a work situation or have a friend who is?  Check out the Ridgeline Blog located here for previous answers.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  You can submit your own question and get a private answer or wait to see it in an upcoming post.  Ask your question for a coach by emailing me at

Your Communication Style

Wish you could figure out how to better set up a message so you could connect with more people?  Take a scientifically validated, communication DNA discovery today and find out your primary style and some keys to adapting to others.  As part of making sure people have a better work environment, its my pleasure to offer the discovery to you free of cost and obligation.  If you have questions about the discovery or how to better use these insights, please set up some time to speak with me, I’d be happy to help you.  Happy Communicating!


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